Some Resources on the SDG’s released during the HLPF 2020

A Sustainable Development Goals Progress Chart 2020 presenting a snapshot of global and regional progress. I extracted SDG 1 and the legend to see extreme poverty and social protection coverage.

Look at the regions where there is insufficient data and very far from target. Notice the deterioration in Northern and Western Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean and this is prior to COVID 19.

Philip Alston, outgoing Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights had this to say “When you look at what COVID-19 has done, which has really been just to pull the Band-Aid off the poverty wounds, we see all too clearly that in fact it was very far from being eliminated,” Read the whole article. The report is entitled “The parlous state of poverty eradication.” An advance unedited version is available. The Special Rapporteur urged moving away from an almost exclusive focus on economic growth as a means to reduce poverty and focus rather on the reduction of inequalities and the redistribution of wealth. Two policies towards this are tax justice and universal social protection floors. He further called for deepening democracy and embracing participatory governance.

Another resource can be accessed here It is the SDG dashboard. Below are the top 7 performing countries and some of the countries doing less well.

See where some the Countries are in which Good Shepherd has a presence and South Sudan is even lower at 165 and there are 27 countries with no data.

You can get country specific data in the country profiles Also the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2020 provides another way of learning about the implementation of the SDG


2 comments on “Some Resources on the SDG’s released during the HLPF 2020

  1. Donatus says:

    Though the truth has to be identified by each states committed non state actors, comparing the 4 African VNRs, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique had tagible disaggregated data statistics while DRC presented more of qualitative report. Amongst all presentations, social protection stands out and key area to be oursued. if poverty will be eliminated in Africa

  2. Caroline M Price says:

    Thanks very much Winifred. Yes indeed, the “band aids” are off… and I thin kthat as COVID19 impacts even deeper into our societies, there will be no way ofd re-applying bandaids…

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