A newly released documentary “Maisha: A New Life Oustide the Mines”.

A newly released documentary “Maisha: A New Life Oustide the Mines” connects the story of a Good Shepherd Sisters’ project in Kolwezi, located in the DRC’s mineral-rich Katanga region and its great results, with the larger picture of human rights violations in the mining sector and the international advocacy work of many NGOs to change this situation.  The film was launched in Rome on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Here are links to an interviews with Italian and US Media


English – go to 13.20 an interview with Sr Brigid Lawlor.

Vatican Radio also did a piece.   The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See sponsored the film and at the screening Ambassador Hackett told Susy Hodges why there is an urgent need for greater awareness and transparency about the global supply chain of “digital” minerals and about the horrific exploitation of these miners in the DRC.    Read and hear more here

Congratulation to the Sisters Catherine, Jane, Margaret and all Mission Partners in Kolwezi who day by day journey with the local community in making a difference.  The support of the  Fondazione Internazionale Buon Pastore ONLUS towards the mission under the leadership of Cristina Duranti is admirable.  One advocacy point in the Statement of the Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Office to the Commission for Social Development is 

  • Launch the ambitious, forward-thinking and sustainable policies required for a paradigm shift by challenging current models and policies of economic development, trade agreements, land grabbing, extractivism and engaging with models of economic development that democratize ownership of resources and economic gains, and solidarity-based forms of ownership and management.





United Nations Experts on the Human Rights of Migrants called on the European Union to open regular and safe channels for migrants in order “to take over the mobility market from the smugglers.”

Today October 23rd the UN General Assembly Third Committee heard from Mr. Francisco Carrión Mena (Ecuador) Francisco Carrion Mena Chair of the UN Committee on the Protection of the Rights of Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families and the Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants Mr. François Crépeau (Canada)  Francois Crepeau

(Photos from UN Multimedia)  They took the opportunity to issue and open letter calling on the European Union to open regular and safe channels for migrants in order “to take over the mobility market from the smugglers.”  Read the full statement here

Each experts delivered a statement to the Members Third Committee:

Statement of the Chair of the Committee and Statement of the Special Rapporteur

The International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1990. It establishes, in certain areas, the principle of equality of treatment with nationals for all migrant workers and their families, regardless of their legal status. It set forth, for the first time, internationally uniform definitions agreed upon by States for different categories of migrant workers. It also obliged sending, transit and receiving States parties to institute protective action on behalf of migrant workers. Access the Convention
This year is the 25th Anniversary of the Convention.  Only 48 member states are party to the Convention, there are 18 Signatory States who need to ratify.  What is 66 out of 193 Member States?  Industrialized, developed countries have not ratified.  Mr Francisco Carrion Mena emphasized that  border controls are not exempt from human rights obligations and children should never be detained because of immigration status.  A migrant is not a commodity but a human being with Human Rights.
See this article on ‘Why Europe’s tough migrant trail is still so busy.”   Read here

3rd Annual Girls Speak Out at the United Nations October 9th, 2015

International Day of the Girl: ‘Girls Speak Out’  at the United Nations 9 Oct 2015  Theme: The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030.   Organized by the Permanent Mission of Canada.     Listen to the raw and uncensored voices of girls …View the full programme here

WGG T-Shirt Logo

The Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd was a sponsor of this event.  See can you spot our logo on the T-shirt?

Congratulations again to the girls of Kenya Click here to see the video

Thanks to all who contributed to the various blog posts for the International Day of the Girl.

The future is in the making!

Organize for Climate March on 29th November

gccmA historic event is about to happen. On November 29, hours before world leaders meet at the Paris Climate Summit, the Global Climate March will take place to push political leaders to commit to bold action to solve the climate change crisis. Over 1 million people are expected to join in over 2000 cities. – Link to Website with all the information   This website is prepared French  Spanish  Italian Portuguese  and Polish

laudato_si 2

I am attaching a set of papers prepared with regard to Laudato Si.  They are in English and French. E 1     E 2   E 3  E 4   and  F 1  F 2  F 3  F 4

Don’t forget that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development focuses on the social, the environmental and the economic.  The 2030 Agenda is in 6 languages  You can access the 2030 Agenda here in the various languages


The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision 2030

DAy of the Girl 2015

From a celebration of the International Day of the Girl, Kenya.

Our Lady of Charity.mp4

 From the United Nations to Kenya girls are claiming their voice and their power!     Well done!
‘Let’s not discriminate the girl child for she can do great things’


Celebration in India of the International Day of the Girl

Congratulations India Read about the event here

Creating awareness of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with students pledging to do their part towards implementation of the sustainable development goals.  Essay writing and speech competitions were held to emphasize the the importance of the Girl Child.

Adding a reminder of what the sustainable goals are


Another Great Celebration for International Day of the Girl from Kenya


On 11th October, 2015, 300 beneficiaries of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd converged at Kanyueri High School in Embu County to celebrate the international day of the girl child. The event was marked by a procession from the school to the nearby shopping centre creating awareness on specific issues affecting the girl child in Embu (Kenya). During the procession there were ten stations each station was represented by a particular issues and participants posed for prayer and explanation on that particular issue. The issues were Female Genital Mutilation, Abortion, Poverty, Sexual Abuse of children, Gender Inequality, Drug and Substance Abuse, Child Labour, Early Marriages, Teenage Pregnancies and Alcohol among others. From the ten issues they voted for FGM, Abortion, Poverty, Sexual abuse of children and Drug abuse as the priority to be addressed.

After the procession there were speeches by different people including Srs.Jane and Flora the organisers of the day.  Speakers emphasised on issues identified as the main challenges facing the girl child in Kenya. This was further followed by presentations by the girls and the women which were in form of poems and songs.

One of the girls presented a very beautiful and touching poem on challenges facing the girl child. The day ended by the girls voting for the priority issues to be addressed; this are FGM, Sexual Abuse of Children, Poverty, Abortion and Drug Abuse.

Kenya1 Kenya2

Kenya 3 Kenya 5 Kenya 6

The girls voting on the various issues and asking community government and global leaders to take action.

Read full report here

Celebration of the International Day of the Girl – Myanmar

Lucy, thank you for this account.  What more can we ask – discussing sustainable development goals and reading CEDAW as your charter!  Magnificent!  There are beautiful photographs.  See link at the end.

“We, Good Shepherd sisters in Myanmar celebrated “The international Day of the Girl” in Yangon. There are about 35 girls from RGS Leadership training program and Formation program. The program was started at 7:30 pm with opening prayer led by Sr.Martina. The theme and the background of this event day was introduced by Sr.Lucy. To symbolize the sense of internationality, the girls sang a song with different costume of different countries. Some sisters shared about lives as girls which were very inspiring for all of us. The girls were divided into six small groups to discuss about Six goals out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG); which are:

  • End Poverty
  • End Hunger, Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, Gender Equality and Clean Water and Sanitation.

These two following questions were asked and presented.

1.How our Myanmar girls are facing challenges in this specific area ( based on the six goals) ?

2.How can we overcome this critical situation?

Surprisingly, they were well aware of the situation of the girls in these areas and they were able to present well the real situation which is happening around us.

After each group presentation, CEDAW was read by one novice.

Then a colorful paper with hat shape was given to all and written “ What kind of girls they want to be?” on it. Writing down on the paper confirm their conviction and make them happy of being a girl.

The program was ended with social games followed by refreshment.

Apart from Yangon, there are 3 more areas (Kachin State, Shan State and Bago Division ) celebrated “ International Day of the Girl” organized by Good Shepherd Sisters. There are more than 100 girls participated in these three areas. For them it was the first experience of participating in this celebration that makes them aware of the rights of the girls and dignity. They came to realize the value and beauty of their lives. And it is remarkable for them to carry in their lives.

The activities are like an eye-opener for the girls to see their realities that happening around in their daily lives and awaken their conscious to stand firmly on the girls’ rights. internationaldayofthegirlinmyanmar_

Yangon 1 Yangon 2 Yangon 3 Yangon 4 Yangon 5 Yangon 6 Yangon 9

October 11 – Happy International Day of the Girl


Happy International Day of the Girl via Facebook from Indonesia …. Thank you Theresia Nia.

Happy International Day of the Girl via e-mail from Madagascar … Thank you Ernestine.  Ernestine send a short reflection on the situation of girls in Madagascar in French.  We have it in English too!  Click here   French   and  English

More great pictures and greetings from Filipini Lucia

Indonesia 2Indonesia 3

The International Day of the Girl was celebrated at the United Nations on Friday October 9 when ‘Girls Took Over The UN’ advocating for girls’ rights and claiming girl power!  Tribute must be paid to the Ambassadors of Canada, Peru and Turkey for their advocacy with other member states on behalf of girls.  Lakshmi Puri represented UN Women with representatives from UNICEF and other UN entities.  The President of the General Assembly prepared a video link to address the girls gathered.  See UN Women website on International Day of the Girl Child

UN Women

Here are some photographs from the Girls Speak Out at the UN: 2015-10-09 13.35.29

2015-10-09 13.59.19 2015-10-09 14.44.56 2015-10-09 14.45.19 2015-10-09 14.48.01 2015-10-09 15.29.09 2015-10-09 15.46.44 2015-10-09 15.47.03 2015-10-09 15.49.12 2015-10-09 15.49.50 2015-10-09 15.50.01 2015-10-09 15.50.20 2015-10-09 16.08.35 2015-10-09 16.12.09 2015-10-09 16.18.39 2015-10-09 16.39.19 2015-10-09 16.41.45 2015-10-09 16.42.21

Some good quotes from the Girls Speak Out: ‘I will become the doctor my parents wants me to marry’  ‘I think more people are afraid of the power of girls than they are of UN Ambassadors.’  ‘Every girl must have the right to live, love, dream, educate herself and work.’ ‘60% of all sexual assault victims in the US alone are girls under the age of 18 years.’  ‘To achieve gender equality girls must be included in the conversation.’  ‘Every 2 minutes another girls is forced into early marriage.’  ‘Girls rights are human rights, we demand action.’  ‘We stand together to demand girls’ rights in communities around the world.’

Good Shepherd International Foundation had my favourite photograph.

IDG 20

and today they write ‘Girls are the Future’   Read More India, Angola, Kenya   Good Shepherd Asia Pacific on it Facebook page  “Happy International Day of the Girl Child 2015. We agree – girls are the future! Empowering and educating girls and boys is absolutely critical for gender equality and putting an end to violence against women and girls. ‪#‎SeeUs‬ ‪#‎HearUs‬  Good Shepherd Asia Pacific



Do read Because I am a Girl: State of the World’s Girls 2015 report The Unfinished Business of Girls’ Rights  Click Here  The website is in French but I don’t think that the report is translated:  Plan International – French

There is a lovely poem on the back cover by Imtiaz Dharker entitled:

Half the Sky.

Happy International Day of the Girl – A Day of Hope for Gender Equality and Mother Earth!

Day 1 of Eleven Day of Action for International Day of the Girl

If you want to see the theme of the various days click here English  Spanish


Check out this website Good Shepherd Programs throughout Asia promoting girls rights.

PROJECT CE India Christmas party 1[2]



Girls enjoy a celebration at a Good Shepherd programme in Chennai, CE India




Rose Virginie Center, Malaysia   – Read about a previous Day of the Girl celebration  The photo above shows the children marking the International Day of the Girl Child by putting up their prayers or wishes for girls across the world.

Send your photographs to me and I will post on social media….