Good Shepherd Statement to the Commission on the Status of Women 59th Session

The Good Shepherd Statement to the Commission on the Status of Women has been published in the 6 languages of the United nations.  Link to our statement  This is the reference number E/CN.6/2015/NGO/25   The following NGO’s at the UN supported the statement –  Dominican Leadership Conference, International Federation of Women in Legal Careers, International Federation of Women Lawyers, International Presentation Association of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Passionists International, Religious of the Sacred Heart Mary, Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries,  Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and UNANIMA International.

“Today, the various Good Shepherd grass-roots services work with women and girls in 72 countries who are constrained by situations that are the same, or often worse, than those that existed in 1995. Under the current model of economic globalization, women and girls who are living in extreme poverty and denied access to basic services are highly susceptible to forces of irregular migration, prostitution, and trafficking for sexual and /or labour exploitation.

Prostitution is a violence of human rights and constitutes violence against the person prostituted. …”


Réponses au sondage – «Les Filles qualifient Beijing» -continuent d’affluer du Bon Pasteur.

WGG GirlsRéponses au sondage «Les Filles qualifient Beijing-Sondage sur le Programme d’Action de Beijing» continuent d’affluer des apostolats du Bon Pasteur dans le monde entier.  Je suis très  contente à ce sujet.  Dans ma publication du 13 février, nous avions le résultat suivant : Malaisie (16) Madagascar (21) Myanmar (12) Népal (4) l’Inde (106) Philippines (12) Mexique (131) New York (Cathédrale High School – l’ensemble de l’école), Good Shepherd Services, NY.

Aujourd’hui nous avons ceci : Malaisie 40, Indonésie 170, Pakistan 55, Australie 6, Chicago 1, Costa Rica 14, Nicaragua 3, Macao 25, Sri Lanka 65, Taïwan 66 et 33 de la Colombie.   Il s’agit d’un total de 880 réponses du sondage.  C’est excellent!   Les réponses seront acceptées jusqu’à 20 mars 2015 le dernier jour de la CSW59 – Beijing+ 20


Les filles qui n’étaient pas encore nées lorsque Beijing a eu lieu en 1995 passent en revue leurs expériences de la vie quotidienne à la maison, à l’école et dans leur communauté en ce qui concerne la scolarité, les tâches ménagères, le travail, la sécurité, accès aux services de santé et de la technologie.  Il y a quelques questions liées aux droits de la jeune fille, connaissance des droits, la législation pour la mise en œuvre des droits des filles au pays et le rôle des filles dans le leadership.  Les résultats préliminaires de cette enquête seront partagés pendant un événement parallèle le mardi 10 mars 2015 entre 10 h 30 et 12:00 à l’Auditorium de l’Armée du Salut à l’adresse suivante : East 52nd Street, NY.

Respuestas a la encuesta – ‘Las chicas califican el Programa de Beijing’- siguen llegando del Buen Pastor!

WGG GirlsLas respuestas a la encuesta ‘Las chicas califican Beijing’ siguen llegando de los apostolados del Buen Pastor en todo el mundo.  Estoy muy entusiasmada con esto!.  En mi publicación del 13 de febrero teníamos la siguiente participación Malasia (16) Madagascar (21) Myanmar (12) Nepal (4) India (106) Filipinas (12) México (131) Nueva York (Cathedral High School-la escuela entera), Servicios del Buen Pastor, NY.

A la fecha de hoy tenemos– Malasia (40), Indonesia 170, Pakistán 55, Australia 6, Chicago 1, Costa Rica 14, Nicaragua 3, Macao 25, Sri Lanka 65, Taiwán 66 y Colombia 33.   Esto es un total de 880 respuestas a la encuesta.  ¡Bien hecho!   Las respuestas serán aceptadas hasta el 20 de marzo de 2015 el último día de la CSW59 – Beijing +20


Las niñas que aún no habían nacido, cuando la conferencia de Beijing fue llevada a cabo en 1995, están revisando sus experiencias de vida en lo cotidiano: en su casa, en la escuela y en su comunidad con respecto a la escolaridad, las tareas del hogar, trabajo, seguridad, acceso a servicios de salud y tecnología.  Hay un par de preguntas relacionadas con los derechos de las niñas, conocimiento de los derechos, la legislación para la implementación de los derechos de las niñas dentro del país y las posiciones de liderazgo de las niñas.  Los resultados preliminares de este estudio se compartirán durante un evento paralelo el martes 10 de marzo de 2015 entre las 10: 30 y 12:00 en el Auditorio del Ejército de Salvación en la siguiente dirección: East 52nd  Street, NY.

Survey responses – ‘Girls Rate Beijing’ continue to pour in!

WGG GirlsSurvey responses ‘Girls Rate Beijing’ continue to pour in from Good Shepherd Ministries throughout the world.  I am very excited about this.  In my post of February 13th we had the following Malaysia (16)  Madagascar (21) Myanmar (12) Nepal (4) India (106) Philippines (12) Mexico (131) New York (Cathedral High School -whole school), Good Shepherd Services, NY.

Updating today – Malaysia (40), Indonesia 170, Pakistan 55, Australia 6, Chicago 1, Central America – we are identifying the country (17), Macau 25, Sri Lanka 65, Taiwan 66 and Colombia 33.   This is a total of 880 survey replies.  Well done!   Responses will be accepted unto March 20th, 2015 the last day of CSW59 Beijing+20


Girls who were not yet born when Beijing was taking place in 1995 are reviewing their experiences of day to day life at home, in school, and in their community with regard to schooling, household chores, work, safety, access to health services, and technology .  There are a few questions related to girls rights, knowledge of right, legislation for implementation of girls’ rights within the country, and girls leadership positions.  The preliminary results of this survey will be shared during a parallel event on Tuesday March 10, 2015 between 10.30 and 12.00 noon at the Salvation Army Auditorium on East 52nd Street, NY.

NILS research report wins award second year in a row!

Congratulations to Good Shepherd Microfinance Australian for excellence in impact measurement.  Read about the award and the service providing women with access to safe, fair and affordable finance.  Sister Noelene White said: “We started with just $20,000 and a belief that the program would be a success.  Our sceptics said it wouldn’t work and that we shouldn’t expect to see any of the money again.  But that conventional wisdom could not have been more wide of the mark.  Here we are 34 years later, with 260 community partners in over 600 locations providing $30-million of NILS loans. The no interest loans scheme has reached more than 155,000 people and our repayment rate is consistently above 95 per cent.  It is a truly great achievement and one which we are very proud of.”

Michelle Crawford, Good Shepherd Microfinance’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer added: “We would like to acknowledge the continued support of National Australia Bank. In our 11 years of partnership they have invested over $130-million in microfinance in Australia.  Together, our goal is to provide fair, safe and affordable financial products and services to one million people living on a low income in Australia by 2018.”

Access to the full reports ‘Life Changing Loans at No Interest’

The Impact Measurement Awards are part of the Annual Measuring Social Outcomes Conference which provides practical guidance on progressing outcomes measurement.

Visit to the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

ECLAC 2During my visit to Chile I had the opportunity to meet and greet in three offices of the UN Regional Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.  This visit was pre-arranged by our NGO Regional Designate to CEPAL (Spanish for ECLAC) Marta Iris.  The Commission building is set in lovely gardens with the Andes in the background and a lake in front of the building.  Much administrative work is done from the Commission.   All was quiet as meetings were not in progress.

The Commission was established in 1948.  In 1984 the countries of the Caribbean were included.  CEPAL has 44 member states – 20 in Latin America, 13 in the Caribbean and 11 outside the region.  Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Spain. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and United States.

We visited the office of Gender Affairs and the office of Population and Development.  Ms. Jimena Arias Feijoo, was the Social Affairs Officer who graciously greeted us and generously gave of her time.  She shared many publication with us and alerted us to the new website of the Commission.  It is bright, easily followed and informative and is in Spanish and English.  Commission website  Spanish is the working language of the Commission.  Mr. Paulo Saad spoke with us at the office of Population and Development.  In both offices we spoke about the importance of the new  Post 2015 development agenda that is currently being negotiated in New York.  There will be a regional meeting of the Commission on Population and Development in Mexico later in the year.  Marta will follow up and hopefully sisters and mission partners will be able to participate from Mexico.

It should be noted that on 12-13 March 2015 the regional consultation on Financing for Development will be held in Mexico.  The third International Conference  on Financing for Development will be held in Addis Ababa from 13th – 16th July, 2015.  The first one was in Monterrey, Mexico in 2002

The OHCHR Regional Office for South America was established in Santiago, following the signature of an agreement between the OHCHR and the Government of Chile on 23 September 2009.  We were received in this office by Ms. Gallianne Palayret, Coordination Area, DESC y Discrimination.  Again graciousness in time and sharing was afforded us.  We came away with a small library in Human Rights documentation on many issues including CEDAW. (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women)

Maria Jose Correia from Brazil accompanied Marta and I to CEPAL.  Following our visit we had coffee and took photographs.  In the afternoon we spent some time in the Plaza de Armas ~ Santiago Chile and visited the Cathedral Metropolitana.


IMG_0939IMG_0944FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-2 copyThe commemoration plaque and bell honor Oscar Aries Sanchez – President of Costa Rica – who won the nobel peace prize in 1987 for his work for peace in Central America.


Girls Voices Are Important. Beijing Platform for Action featured girls – See L Platform

L. The Girl-child   Read what was the dream for girls 20 years ago.

WGG has a call out inviting girls to rate Beijing in the girls grade Beijing Survey.  Have you presented this survey to girls to complete.  All of the girls doing this survey will have been born after 1997.  Beijing took place in 1995 and is 20 years old this year.  Have things changed for girls?

Good Shepherd responses to this invitation have come from surprising places – Malaysia (16)  Madagascar (21) Myanmar (12) Nepal (4) India (106) Philippines (12) Mexico (131) New York (Nativity High School).  We congratulate those who participated and have expressed their experiences and opinions.  We continue to invite others to do so.   The results will be presented during the Commission on the Status of Women 59th Session between March 9 – 20, 2015. Girls 18 years and under are eligible to contribute.

WGG Girls

These WGG Girl Advocates speak at the United Nations from time to time.  Your ideas and voice can be added by completing the survey!  The survey is available in English, Spanish, French, PortugueseMandarin and Arabic. You can also download hard copies of the survey and return them to us at or at 777 United Nations Plaza, Suite 6E, New York, NY 10017. 

Join me in the launch of a new website – Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors

When: – Tomorrow February 3rd at 12.00 noon local time

How:  Use your e-mail, website, facebook and twitter accounts

We are hoping for wide distribution and creation awareness.  Use these pictures when posting.  It is critical that there are strong indicators towards implementation of National Floors of Social Protection in the new Post 2015 sustainable development goals. Social Protection is a human right.  Living in extreme poverty is a violation of human rights.  Implementation of national floors of social protection could be a transformative catalyst towards human rights based, inclusive, and more equitable societies. But it takes daring and political will and it is a national issue!

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