Update on Social Protection Floor Initiative Signature Campaign – New Postcard Campaign urged at National Level.

Dear Supporter,
Thank you for signing the online petition ‘Support the Social Protection Floor Initiative’. Our goal is one million signatures. As of now, more than 3000 supporters from 125 countries have signed the petition. The Social Protection Floor is an effective and inclusive strategy towards poverty eradication requiring immediate implementation at the national level.
Here at the United Nations, we will be using the signatures, particularly during the Civil Society Forum on 31st January 2012 and the 50th Session of the Commission for Social Development (February 1-10, 2012) to demonstrate the desire of civil society globally for its implementation. http://social.un.org/index/CommissionforSocialDevelopment/Sessions/2012.aspx
In addition to working towards our goal of one million signatures, we are reaching out to all signatories, requesting everyone to urge their governments and representatives (President, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Social Welfare Minister, Parliamentarian of your constituencies) to give priority to implementing the Social Protection Floor programme tailored to national needs. Please find a template on our website for your convenience http://www.ngosocdev.net/index.php/social-protection-floor-campaign/
It is an easy process!
1. Download the template.
2. Fill out the appropriate information.
3. Print and mail or e-mail to your government representative.

It only takes a few minutes! Thank you for your help as well as supporting the Social Protection Floor Initiative!  If you did not sign  please go to  http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/signature-campaign-social-protection-floor.html   

Yours sincerely

The NGO Committee for Social Development at the United Nations
New York

Statement to the Commission for Social Development

The Commission for Social Development will take place in New York February 1 – 10, 2012.  The priority theme is Poverty Eradication.  Each year NGO’s are invited to submit a written statement to the Commission.  Our statement has just been published in the 6 languages of the United Nations.   “Poverty is not the result of scarcity, but of inequality, especially gender inequality. We see the increased “feminization of poverty” bringing with it greater risks of human trafficking and the lack of, or poor access to, food, sanitation, water, health and education. The burden of chronic poverty is a burden borne primarily by women and girls. It is more than recognition that increasing numbers of women and girls are living in poverty — it is a social problem of gendered relations, patriarchy and discrimination. It is embedded in unjust structures and witnessed in inequality of access to public services, barriers to education, lack of specialized health care, labour market inequalities, wage discrimination, legal and cultural constraints in public and private life, denial of property rights and land tenure policies — all directed towards women and girls.”  To read the full statement click on the link below.          E/CN.5/2012/NGO/15    Posted: 09 Dec 2011 05:30 AM PST      STATEMENT SUBMITTED BY THE CONGREGATION OF OUR LADY OF CHARITY OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD     [ Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish ]http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=E%2FCN.5%2F2012%2FNGO%2F15&Lang=E&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+LatestUnDocuments-EconomicSocialCouncilDocuments+%28Latest+UN+documents+-+Economic+%26+Social+Council+documents%29