Young people against prostitution and human trafficking: the greatest violence against human beings. Theme of Youth Symposium at the Vatican

Joseph Loh

Joseph  Loh was a youth delegate on behalf of Good Shepherd, Taiwan.  Joseph send us the follow update on his experience.   “This year I was honored to be invited to the conference by the Vatican through Monsignor Marcelo. After a long tiring journey, I experienced warm friendship, and mutual support of the participants. People came from different Foundations with different backgrounds from all around world. We were no longer strangers but co-workers in preventing human trafficking.

Presenters from Mexico shared personal experiences that they were victims but became the survivors after they were helped. What they shared was very touching and moving. This motivated us; we all know now that what we are doing is worthwhile. People help each other and care about the harm that human trafficking has done to victims.

josephAnother important event was Pope Francis’s speech. He was so down to earth and I got a chance to talk to him personally.

Joseph Loh 2

My topic was Prevention of Human Trafficking in Taiwan. There are two key points in my report. One was to prevent and protect the victims in Taiwan; the other is the high sea issue in Asia. For the former point, Good Shepherd is commissioned by the Taiwan government to run a shelter for victims in Nantou, and we did an efficient job with official support. For the latter point, I made an example of Cambodia fishermen who worked on foreign ships, therefore their safety and labor rights cannot be guaranteed while working on the high seas.

During the 15 minutes debate, the representatives, including participates from Cambodia, ask questions about the high seas issue, since they had never heard of it and could not imagine such situations in their own countries. Apparently, the high seas issue presented by us is a very new issue for current human-trafficking in Asia, furthermore, some representatives ask for our presentation file to study.  See here

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Monsignor Marcelo and I appreciate Sr. Winifred and Sr. Thersese Thong for giving me this opportunity to attend this international conference. It is my pleasure be a volunteer in Good Shepherd. Every country has different ways to deal with human trafficking issue, but all of us face the problem.”  Joseph Chih Ko LOH  November 27, 2014

Joseph Loh 3                 Joseph 1896822_10152895611328688_8809214775610872098_n






Congratulations Joseph, well done!

Orange YOUR Neighbourhood – End Violence Against Women

Orange your neighbourhood

To mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women and the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, the United Nations Secretary- General’s Campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women invites you to    “Orange your Neighbourhood”

Orange the World in 16 days

From 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10 December, Human Rights Day, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign is a time to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.

This year, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women invites you to “Orange YOUR Neighbourhood.” Take the UNiTE campaign to local streets, shops and businesses, and organize “Orange Events” in your own neighbourhoods between 25 November and 10 December 2014.

Color your neighborhood orange November 25 to December 10, 2014 – End Violence Against Women!

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign which takes place each year, and runs from 25 November, (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), to 10 December (Human Rights Day).

In 2013, the UNiTE campaign launched a global call for action to “Orange the World in 16 Days.” UN entities, civil society organizations and individuals across the world led an array of creative and highly visible events in over 50 countries, which drew attention to the issue and created opportunities for discussion around current initiatives and solutions. The initiative aimed to create the symbolic image of a world free from violence against women and girls. The colour orange was a uniting theme which ran through all events as one of the official colours of the UNiTE campaign, and as a bright and optimistic colour, representative of a world free from violence

Unite to end Violence


Snippets from Youth Symposium on Human Trafficking at the Vatican

As our Good Shepherd Youth delegates to the Symposium, Anne and Joseph make their way home to Malaysia and Taiwan I am gleaning impressions from their social media to share with you. A wonderful experience… humbling… commitment to ending human trafficking… excitement… privilege…

“What a long but fulfilling two days listening to stories of Human Trafficking from all parts of the Globe…some very sad, some hopeful but overall inspiring.  Such a wonderful way to share experiences, resources, and to encourage one another for the wonderful work everyone is doing.  Bravo to the organizers!

I am still very very excited to have met the Pope after reading so many news items of his efforts in many human rights issues and his love of all especially people living in poverty.  He is such an inspiration to me to continue what I have been doing! A wonderful picture of Christ in the world.  I feel so blessed!”  The pictures tell it all.

Anne Baltazar


10734247_10153431634443782_3502084861481826160_n   We are here!

“Absolutely inspired by the many young women and men working to end modern day slavery … some were survivors themselves, some work to lobby for better laws and legislation, some in prevention and awareness to youth and some in the caring and empowering of the survivors.

I am most in awe of those who are survivors themselves and are working to make sure it does not happen to others, and for the men who are showing their ‘maleness’ by rallying other men to respect women equally.

A group of very wonderful, inspiring and also fun loving people… and I am so humbled to be part of this.”  Quotes from Anne’s Facebook

As we think of the 16 days to end violence against women starting on November 25th  and going right through to December 10th we,  Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Mission Partners around the world are working daily to ‘orange’ not just our neighborhoods but through our networks the whole word!


Youth Symposium in Rome on Prostitution and Human Trafficking.

The title of the 2 day symposium to be held on November 15 and 16 is ‘young people against prostitution and human trafficking: the greatest violence against human beings’  This Symposium is taking place in the Vatican and being hosted by Pope Francis.   I am very happy to let you know that Good Shepherd have two youth attending the Symposium – one from Malaysia and one from Taiwan.  Here is the link to the 34 page booklet.   Pages 3 and 4 presents the context in which the Symposium is taking place. Pages 7,8,9 and 10 outline the program for the two days.  Pages 11 to 22 provides the bios of the various speakers and 23 to the end are names of the observers

On page 11 you are introduced to Mary Anne Balthazar from Sabah, Malaysia and on page 17 you will learn about Joseph Loh from Taiwan.  It is certainly a tribute to the work of Good Shepherd in both Malaysia and Taiwan that Anne and Joseph have been selected as presenters.

Ann Marie       Joseph


Congratulations Anne and Joseph.  Be assured that we are all praying for you and cheering for you too!  Anne will present on at 11.30 on November 16th ‘Youth for Youth Against Human Trafficking – The Sabah Saga’ and Joseph will presented at 18.00 hours ‘Prevention of Human Trafficking in Taiwan.’

The topics are very broad and cover multiple aspects of human trafficking.   In reviewing the list of presenters I wish you to note that Good Shepherd are present in Ireland, (Ruth Kilcullen);  Kenya (Winnie Mutevu);  Spain, (Alejandra Scelles Torres);  Albania (Olivia Conroy);  Cambodia have two presentation ( Pisey Khim and Phirum Sary); and  Bolivia (Ana Paola Garcia Villagomez).

Marie Helene Halligon who attended the conference on Human Trafficking in November 2013 has been active in RENATE Europe and has encouraged youth to attend.  I am encouraging  two young people from Europe:  Andrea, who, I think represents her Hungarian NGO “ergo”. I was in contact with “ergo” during my staying in Hungary last September.  And Constance, who is a volunteer with Caritas Europe GS is part of in the “Collectif_contre_la_Traite”.   These two young women know GS only because of my contact as GS with their network.

AndreaAndrea Klemencsics    Age: 24   Profession: juriste (lawyer)     Petite présentation: Je suis diplômée de l’Université Catholique Péter Pàzmàny. J’ai écrit mon mémoire de l’esclavage moderne. En 2012 en cadre de programme Erasmus, j’ai étudié l’Université Catolique de Lille. A l’Université j’ai commencé un recherche avec mes professeurs français et hongrois. En 2012, j’ ai passé 6 mois à Lille, j’ai fait le stage chez Mouvement du NID. (prostitution, traite des êtres humains) Actuellement, je poursuis mes études doctorales à l’Université Catholique Péter Pàzmàny. Parallèlement, je suis membre de l’Association d’ERGO et de l’Association d’Ars Boni. (la revue juridique qui est éditée par les jeunes juristes)   Actuellement, je suis à Paris et je fais un stage à Fondation Robert Schuman en cadre de bourse.

Constance MAZARD, born in Montauban, France, on January 28, 1986 (28 years old).   Volunteer at Secours Catholique – CMCaritas France, is active in the struggle against human trafficking.    During her studies of law and political sciences, she used to take part in several activities with the catholic church. These activities included spending a month at an orphanage in India, taking care of children with sever physical and mental problems, taking care of the elderly in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, and spending a year in a Vietnamese catholic monastery teaching English to the Monks.
Through those experiences, she has learned a lot about human rights and the terrible situation of those living of the most impoverished conditions.   She was then involved in the struggle against human trafficking with the Collective « Together against the human trafficking » which gathers 23 charity organizations in France, coordinated by the Secours Catholique.     Website   (english and french)

We congratulate youth on all their accomplishments in this area.