Historic Moment at the UNITED NATIONS and in Global History First Executive Meeting of UN Women

January 24, 2011  A call to a new world order where women’s human rights are upheld.  UN Women wants to address the age old steriotypes and all violence against women.  UN Women need financial  resources to implement the vision.  The annual plan will be presented in June.  UN Women promises to appoint an NGO Advisory group.   UN Women will be formally launched on February 24th, 2011 during the Commission on the Status of Women.  UN Women is based in UN sub-regional offices and  has country-level programming in 78 countries.  The transition from the old to the new is a complex one.  UN Women is expected to generate a real “institutional cultural change”.  You can read the various documents at http://www.unwomen.org/about-us/governance/   Ms Michelle Bachelet shared her Vision and 100 Day Action Plan.  You can view the opening of UN Women on UN Webcast http://www.unwomen.org/2011/01/webcast-un-women-executive-board-first-regular-session-2011/   The full text of Ms Michelle Bachelet’s address is available here http://www.unwomen.org/2011/01/statement-to-the-first-regular-session-of-the-executive-board-united-nations-entity-for-gender-equality-and-the-empowerment-of-women/