Global Sisters Report: – Persistent and Consistent: Religious at the UN

Here is an article published in the Global Sister Report Click here on Religious engagement at the United Nations. “The reps have the ability to focus on the core of the matter, capture it in a phrase and work diligently to get those phrases included in U.N. documents: water as a human right; prior free and informed consent; social protection floor.”  Good Shepherd Units around the world worked with me in advocating for Water Rights – we had 13 signatures from 12 countries:  Angola, Portugal, France, Ireland, Malta, Myanmar, Singapore/Malaysia, United Kingdom, South Africa and Philippines with one regional signature from REAL and an international signature from the Congregation.  And of course we are active participants in promoting social protection floors.  Recently, there was an account of the implementation of the Social Protection Floor in Cambodia.  

See pages 2,3 and 4

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  1. clarenolan says:

    The Global Sister Report on Religious engagement at the United Nations expressed well the complexities of the NGO role.
    Thank you Winifred for how well you manage it all and enlist the needed participation of GS grass roots.
    I hope there are many others coming along to learn these needed skills.

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