Young people against prostitution and human trafficking: the greatest violence against human beings. Theme of Youth Symposium at the Vatican

Joseph Loh

Joseph  Loh was a youth delegate on behalf of Good Shepherd, Taiwan.  Joseph send us the follow update on his experience.   “This year I was honored to be invited to the conference by the Vatican through Monsignor Marcelo. After a long tiring journey, I experienced warm friendship, and mutual support of the participants. People came from different Foundations with different backgrounds from all around world. We were no longer strangers but co-workers in preventing human trafficking.

Presenters from Mexico shared personal experiences that they were victims but became the survivors after they were helped. What they shared was very touching and moving. This motivated us; we all know now that what we are doing is worthwhile. People help each other and care about the harm that human trafficking has done to victims.

josephAnother important event was Pope Francis’s speech. He was so down to earth and I got a chance to talk to him personally.

Joseph Loh 2

My topic was Prevention of Human Trafficking in Taiwan. There are two key points in my report. One was to prevent and protect the victims in Taiwan; the other is the high sea issue in Asia. For the former point, Good Shepherd is commissioned by the Taiwan government to run a shelter for victims in Nantou, and we did an efficient job with official support. For the latter point, I made an example of Cambodia fishermen who worked on foreign ships, therefore their safety and labor rights cannot be guaranteed while working on the high seas.

During the 15 minutes debate, the representatives, including participates from Cambodia, ask questions about the high seas issue, since they had never heard of it and could not imagine such situations in their own countries. Apparently, the high seas issue presented by us is a very new issue for current human-trafficking in Asia, furthermore, some representatives ask for our presentation file to study.  See here

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Monsignor Marcelo and I appreciate Sr. Winifred and Sr. Thersese Thong for giving me this opportunity to attend this international conference. It is my pleasure be a volunteer in Good Shepherd. Every country has different ways to deal with human trafficking issue, but all of us face the problem.”  Joseph Chih Ko LOH  November 27, 2014

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Congratulations Joseph, well done!

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