16 Day of Activism Against Gender Based Violence November 25 to December 10

16 daysThe theme for 2013 is ‘From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Violence Against Women!’  Informative materials are available at Click here in  العربية,Bahasa IndonesiaBosanskiБългарски,中文 DeutschEnglishEspañol,Français (Côted’Ivoire)Français (Tunisia)ÍslenskaItaliano, Kalenjin,ភាសាខ្មែរLatvijaNederlandsPolski,Portugués, Românăрусский,SlovenščinaSrpskiSvenska,             Türkçe,украї́нська мо́ваXhosa.

The campaign emphasizes that women’s rights are human rights and acknowledges the role of patriarchal systems that embody harmful traditions and legal policies that normalize violences against women, and deny women their rights to a life of dignity.

The normalization of violence was a point that we addressed in our booklet ‘Ending Violence Against Women and Girls’  See page 7Ending Violence 34 “Some respondents reported that in their respective cultures, it is common for physical or even sexual violence to be committed against a woman or girl as punishment, for a crime as defined by the perpetrator. To make matters worse, the reality is that many women and girls suffering from acts of violence accept this treatment either due to cultural or societal pressure, or simply out of a lack of knowledge of their human right to live free of such violence. For instance, in societies with traditional gender roles and attitudes toward marriage and divorce, it may be more difficult to leave a partner even if violent, thus women continue to endure ongoing abuse.  Respondents from Egypt, India, and Myanmar all reported that an “environment that easily accepts acts of violence against women, that normalizes the fact that women are beaten, and that considers women inferior to men” poses a challenge to introducing concepts of gender equality and women’s rights.

Two respondents from Uruguay and Venezuela, identified ‘Macho culture’ as a catalyst for violence against women, and a hindrance to achieving gender equality. Macho culture, which takes on different meanings depending on the culture, is problematic in that it puts pressure on men to dominate and exert control over women, in order to affirm their masculinity, even if it requires the use of violence.”

See French ‘Mettre fin à la violence faite aux femmes et aux filles

See Spanish ‘Poner fin a la violencia contra las niñas y las mujeres

See Chinese     終止對女孩和婦人的暴力 全球善牧24 個國家的服務調查

Follow what is happening on Facebook and use Twitter handles @16DaysCampaign; @CWGLR Rutgers and hashtag #16days

There is a 16 days Take Action Kit Here in multiple languages.  There is a Brochure, 5 Fact Sheets, Information on CSW 58, Suggested Grant Proposal Guidelines, Sample Social Media Posts and Logos.

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  1. Dickson Lau says:

    We are a grassroots youth organization from a very remote district in Papua New Guinea. We would like to observe and make public awareness on elimination of discrimination and violence against women over the 16 days activism in our district.

    Could you please direct us to where we can submit our program proposal for grant assistance?

    Warm regard,

    Dickson Lau

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