Girls share from Nolawi Services, Ethiopia

Nolawi 2

Because I am a Girl…(Tshay,)

I can do great things …  I have potential and a bright future … I will overcome any obstacle

Because I am a Girl…(Webalem,)

I will work hard to attain goal in life  … I  fight for my dreams … I empower other girls around me-learning from others and my experiences

Because I am a Girl…(Selam,)

I can achieve my way in life … I have the power to change the world around me … I have great insight and understanding..

Because I am a Girl…(Mulu,)

I can be active in my village through education …  I will teach my daughters the value that girls should  have in society

Because I am a Girl… 

I can be strong and compassionate at the same time  … I have the capacity to care …I will help the people around me and help myself.

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  1. Lucy van kessel says:

    Great to see all this, well done

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