Good Shepherd Team for Rio Conference Update

We are happy to have a new member join the team – Erika Patricia Sanchez Valdez, from Our Lady of Charity in Mexico. She is the fifth member joining with Doris, Maria, Fernanda de Fatima and Marta Iris in Rio. Contact e-mail addresses are Doris:, Maria:, Fernanda de Fatima: and Marta: You can follow the preparations for Rio at  This website is in English and Portuguese only. Our Team for Rio Update   See also the two posting of May 4, 2012.   The time, date and details of the Side Event that we are co-sponsoring with Franciscan International are published:   15:30 – 17:00    Sat 16 Jun 

Agro ecological farming can feed the world: in practice

Lead organizer:
Faith based organisations, by Franciscans International
 Room:   T-2
 Franciscans International (FI), Dominicans for Justice and Peace (DfJP), Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), Edmund Rice International (ERI), Good shepherd Sisters Association (GSSA) have extensive networks at the grassroots level and with farmers’ organizations throughout the world. Their activities include promoting people-centered development and human rights, and advocating for peace and justice, for just and sustainable production and consumption of food, and for environmental protection.
The proposed side event on “Agro ecological farming can feed the world: Ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture in practice” will demonstrate how agro ecological farming respects the limits of the planet’s ecosystem, integrates traditional knowledge from local communities, reduces waste, and can serve as a means to advance rural communities towards food and technological sovereignty.

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