NGO Survey on Implementation of the Resolution on ‘Social Integration’ an outcome of the 48th Session of the Commission for Social Development , 3-12 February 2010, New York

The NGO Committee on Social Development has launched a survey on the implementation at national level  of the policy recommendations in the resolution ‘Social integration’ covering the following 5 areas:   i)  Meeting basic needs of the people living in poverty and ensuring their human rights and dignity,    ii)   Effective participation,   iii)   Universal access to social protection,   iv)   Gender equality,   v)  Elimination of discrimination, abuse and violence. 

I am seeking your cooperation requesting that you complete the short survey so that we can assess implementation of the resolution at national level.    A copy of the resolution – which is only available in English – can be accessed at this link   

The links to the survey are in two parts  i) some background   and ii) the on-line survey.   

 French links (i)      ii)

 Spanish links i) page=article_es_s&id_article=2848   ii)       

 There are 4 sections.   First personal and organization details followed by 3 questions.   The first question is about Awareness of the Resolution  –  tick appropriate box.   

The second question concerns new programmes/policies that have been initiated in response to 5 policy recommendations in the resolution.  You are asked to check all that applies.    i)  Meeting basic needs of the people living in poverty and ensuring their human rights and dignity:  ii) Effective participation of the people:  iii)  Universal access to social protection:   iv)   Development policies promoting gender equality:  v)  Policies to eliminate discrimination, abuse and violence.

The third question asks for one or two concrete suggestions for the implementation of policy recommendations during the coming years?

The deadline for replies is September 30th. 

I would appreciate you sending a copy of your replies to me 

 The theme of the 49th Session of the Commission on Social Development is ‘Poverty Eradication’.  Our Congregational direction statement reads “We commit ourselves to work zealously with women and children, especially those who are trafficked, forced to migrate or oppressed by abject poverty.”  Poverty is one of the root causes for human trafficking and migratory flows.  What can we do to eradicate poverty?