Migration and Integration – Building Inclusive Societies

We would like to invite you to participate to an online debate, from July 15 to 22 2010, on the occasion of IOM’s International Dialogue on Migration workshop, Societies and Identities: The Multifaceted Impact of Migration. IBIS will host a virtual edition of the dialogue, allowing participants unable to attend in person to engage in the discussion from across the globe. Interested participants are invited to register online for the discussion forum and contribute to the debate, on issues such as the cooperation with the media to deconstruct stereotypes about migrants, or the role of civic inclusion in enhancing migrants’ contributions to society. The main conclusions will be summarized after the closure of the forum, and selected good practices may also feed into the IDM workshop itself as well as its final report. Why not join the debate today?   Online discussion  July 15-22, 2010.   You still have time!  Link to online discussion  http://www.unaoc.org/communities/migrationintegration/discuss/

Join this unique community  to learn about innovative ideas on integration, new practices and ground-breaking initiatives. The Online Community showcases inspiring projects from around the world that successfully help integrate migrants. It connects grassroots initiatives with policy-makers, civil society groups with potential funders. As a global meeting place for all those involved in improving migration policy and integration practices around the world, IBIS helps spread the word about successful initiatives and encourages the replication of good practices. 
If your goal is to improve relations between migrants and their host communities, we want to hear from you. If your organization uses innovative education methods to teach newcomers and introduce them to their new home, if you are involved in promoting the rights of migrant workers, or if you are involved in any other way in cooperative efforts on building inclusive societies, share with us information on your integration practice by following this link and we will feature it on IBIS.   http://www.unaoc.org/communities/migrationintegration/newsletters/july2010/
Please spread the word and share IBIS with your network. Don’t hesitate to link IBIS to your website – we will do the same! Encourage your partners also to send us information about their programs and their organizations. The success of this initiative depends on you.
For additional information, please contact Ms Florence Laufer (migration@unaoc.org)

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