10 Days of Action June 16 – 26 in the lead up to the UN Conference June 24-26


10 Days of Action: Countdown to Commitments is a collaborative effort by organizations and networks advocating for a more just, equitable and sustainable global economy and includes the Feminist Task Force-GCAP, Social Watch, ITUC, ICAE, FES, Women’s Working Group on Financing for Development, IBON Foundation, NGO Committee on Financing for Development, and the major global coalitions of the Global Social Economy Group and the Global Crisis group, among others TBC.

The ‘10 Days of Action’ begins with a focus on the Day of the African Child to raise awareness on how the economic crisis is hitting the most vulnerable and marginalized the hardest, such as children, women, small farmers and the working poor, among others.   With close to a billion people living on barely a meal a day, and millions living on $2 a day, the financial and economic crisis is reversing progress and putting millions back into poverty.

The UN Conference will be the first opportunity for all countries – developed and developing nations alike – to have a seat at the table to discuss possible solutions to this systemic crisis.

10 Days of Action includes many event focused on the following themes:
16 June – Take action on the Day of the African Child
17 June – Take action on climate change
18 June –Take action to the right to quality public education
19 June – Take action on the Millennium Development Goals
20 June – Take action to highlight the voices of the people most affected by the crisis
21 June – Take action on gender equality and women’s rights
22 June – Take action to protect migrant workers during the crisis
23 June – Take action to support civil society solutions to the crisis
24 June – Take action to demand a restructuring of the global financial architecture
25 June – Take action to promote decent work and social protection
26 June – Take action to ensure a representative voice of the G192 at the UN Conference

Check out the ‘10 Days’ CALENDAR OF EVENTS and BLOG at: http://tendays.socialwatch.org/

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