Take Action to End Poverty – Join the End Poverty Campaign

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An interactive report of this side event held on July 12th during the HLPF can be viewed HERE

A diverse selection of speakers were invited to the event, including Ms. Maryann Broxton and Ms. Kimberly Tyre, Human Rights and Anti-Poverty Activists, Ms. Hayet Zeggar, Counsellor from the Permanent Mission of France and Isabelle Pypaert-Perrin, Director General of ATD Fourth World. Powerful testimonies were shared in a respectful atmosphere allowing a rich and meaningful dialogue.+

The first to speak, Ms. Maryann Broxton, described the hidden difficulties and discrimination faced by those living on food stamps and other forms of government assistance. She also recounted her meeting with Ms Amina J. Mohammed, now UN Deputy Secretary General and shared the message that those in poverty want to be treated as human beings who have intelligence and knowledge to bring to the table.

Kimberly Tyre went on to reflect on her testimony at the United Nations on October 17th last year. She explained how meaningful it was for her to be able to participate and bring her experience to the table. Her powerful statement ensured her commitment to eradicating poverty and inspiring others like her to speak up for themselves and their communities.

Listen to Maryann  and Kimberly

Why not take action now and join the STOP POVERTY CAMPAIGN and sign the call for action HERE  You can even check to see if your friends have joined!

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