Migration in Focus – Geneva – Berlin

The Third Informal Thematic Session in preparation for the negotiation of the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration took place in Geneva on 19-20 June, 2017.  This session focused on International co-operation and governance of migration in all its dimensions, including at borders, transit, entry, return, readmission, integration and reintegration.  Cecilie Kern from the GSIJP office represented us in Geneva and from there to Berlin for the Global Forum on Migration and Development.  See Full Report

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Statement from the Floor in Geneva

Mercy Global Action

Another Interesting Perspective from Mercy Global Action


Migration and Development Civil Society Network

One comment on “Migration in Focus – Geneva – Berlin

  1. Donatus says:

    Great Cecilie, that you were able to represent us in the global world much as there was no representative from Sub-sahara Africa. The western world remains the recipient of migrants from Africa and other parts of the world.
    The international community needs to diligently set policies that shun dehumanizing of migrants who more than often land in their territory in search for better living standards. Most of these are forced out of their countries due to war, lack of land, extreme poverty, hunger among other factors.
    They are often ostracized by the community as a result suffer stigma. There is need to set up counseling support programs in all the centers where migrants are.

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