55th Commission for Social Development

See the website – English only

See our statement to the Commission in – English, French and Spanish

The posters are in three languages:  First  giving you the dates, theme and link to the Good Shepherd Statement; the second set-  describes the Commission and the third set answer the question what is Social Protection?

The first commission I attended was in February 2008 – the 46th Commission on the theme of  “Promoting Full Employment And Decent Work For All.”  47th and 48th Social Integration, 49th and 50th Poverty Eradication, 51st and 52nd   “Promoting empowerment of people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment and decent work for all,” 53rd and 54th  “Rethinking and strengthening social development in the contemporary world.”

2 comments on “55th Commission for Social Development

  1. clarenolan says:

    Very good ot see the case study in the statement submitted to the UN.
    I wonder how many other GS projects could wrote up such a study – I believe that many could – Would like to see GS continuing to put forth our voice from the grassroots cases.

  2. Donatus says:

    Theoretically the social protection can be attained but practically, there is a lot of sensitization, creating awareness, education on diverse human rights.

    These may penetrate, anable change of negative attitudes, provoke traditions that no longer advocate equality for all and abuse of the vulnerable in the society.

    Education for boy child remain prioritized in many african cultures while dowrly for girls exagerated in some families.

    How will the mind of a parent be changed to understand marriage is for two adults who agree to live together, to complement and set-up their constitution with regard to thier lives and not allow power to dominate as to who is superior and inferior. Weldone Winifred.

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