Pictures from the GFMD in Bangledesh

bangledesh-13Theresa and Dale have been attending the Global Forum on Migration and Development which began on December 8th .  They sent these pictures on Facebook.

bangledesh-4Meeting with a colleague from NY,  Justine Gitanjali Senapati,  Congregations of St Joseph                                          bangledesh-11  Dale has something to say ….

bangledesh-6Yes! time for action …

bangledesh-5 See who else is in the picture – Emeka Obiezu from Nigeria, and Eva Richter from NY with Justine.


Looking forward to hearing the outcome of the Forum!


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  1. clarenolan says:

    If there are small day to day actions that can move this forward, I would be happy to know.
    thank you for representing us.

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