‘Girls Speak Out’ at the United Nations 2016

Webcast of the ‘Girls Speak Out’   Enjoy the two hour programme.

Girls Speak Out 0001.jpggirls-speak-out-0002



An exciting moment to have international visitors attending the ‘Girls Speak Out’ Tanya Corrie, Development Lead - Financial Security, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

Sr Monique Tarabeh, Soeurs du Bon Pasteur, Communications Rome, Province of Lebanon/Syria.

Barbara O’Carroll, GSIJP Team, Mission Partner, New York (bottom picture) Cecilie Kern (middle picture) and Winifred Doherty (green jacket)

I was proud to be featuring girls from Angola, Indonesia and Malaysia on social media and the prayer was prepared by  Sister Taskila Nicholas, Province of Central East India/Nepal.  Thank you Taskila.  Truly,  we are a network empowering girls changing the world!



4 comments on “‘Girls Speak Out’ at the United Nations 2016

  1. Caroline Price says:

    Fantastic Winifred! Thanks for sharing. I have circulated to the Sisters!

  2. winifredd says:

    Thanks Caroline and get to have Tanya with us for the celebration!

  3. Vinitha says:

    Wonderful sister When you empower one there are many who gets the hope to be raised for better future.

  4. Vinitha says:

    Thank you Sister

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