Setting out for South Korea

Today May 19 we congratulate Good Shepherd Sisters who are celebrating 50 years of presence and service in Korea.  Read about their mission and see some of their projects HERE  I will join them on May 23, have a session in Soeul and one in Chunchon before traveling to Gyeongju for the 66th United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) NGO Conference. This is from 30th May to June 1, 2016.  Three sisters will accompany me Srs. Virginia Kim, Martha Ko and Paula Woon.  The theme of the conference is Education for Global Citizenship: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Together.  Visit the conference website and read a proposed draft of the ‘Gyeongju Action Agenda’ now in the six languages of the United Nations


Conference Website

This morning at the UN HQ in  New York a pre-conference meeting took place.  I attended along with many other NGO who will be attending or following with social media.  DPI 4

DPI pre-Conference 3

The conference days will be filled with learning opportunities while exploring the meaning of being a global citizenship and how to educate for global citizenship and how understanding of this might be a bedrock for implementing the 17 sustainable goals.  There will be 4 roundtable discussions: i) Inclusiveness in Education ii) Peace Education iii) STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) and iv) sustainable development and climate change.  There are at least 40 side events organized addressing multiple topics and themes. Youth will have a high profile throughout the conference and there will be an exhibition that will be open to the public in Gyeongju. Throughout the  conference the Gyeongju Action Agenda will continue to crafted based on the discussions taking place.

Our contribution to the conference will be to ensure that education for gender equality is a cross cutting component of the educational curriculum for global citizenship and at the heart of sustainable development.                                                                         IBVM                I like this picture taken from the twitter account of the ibvmun (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Some years ago Deirdre Mullen, a Mercy Sister from Ireland wrote a book on ‘Meeting the Global Citizen in you’  It was followed by another booklet on ‘Nurturing the Global Citizen Within’

3 comments on “Setting out for South Korea

  1. clarenolan says:

    Congratulations to GS south Korea!
    How nice it see them highlighted..
    I recall Virgins Kim at ht very 1st retinal JP meeting many years ago.
    I’m sure good learning will happen to enhance the mission locally and globally.
    thanks to all who are participating for us.
    Look forward to reading later reports.
    united in mission

  2. donatus says:

    The youth is moulded through involvement.
    The youth can only stop being influenced into introvenous drugs by being involved into active participTio as this in one way of educating the citizens. This is bacause accoeding to recent survey they are the majority and can wasly influence any outcome may it be political arena, religious activities or any social domain.
    2.round table setting is viable for any learning as it allows participants to familiarize easly and share ideas

  3. donatus says:

    The youth is most paramount in any arena. Talk about political elections they are majority…this is according to survey conducted in kenya 2011.
    2. In religious denominations they are
    Someone said they are the leaders of tommorrow but indeed they lead today.

    I like round table sitting setup because participant easily familirize and learn unlike the nirman setting as in classroom. adults interact more and learn from each other. finaly it bring uniformity and waes out the aspect of supiriority

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