March 8, International Women’s Day


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Today Yolanda read the following statement at the Human Rights Council in solidarity with all trafficked girls and women throughout the world calling for a ‘Life Course Perspective’ to address the root causes of human trafficking .  Zelna Oosthuizen, link counselor from the Congregational Leadership Team to the GSIJP Office was present at the session.  This statement was make in collaboration with the Sisters of Mercy.


3 comments on “March 8, International Women’s Day

  1. Patricia Hogan says:

    Happy Womwn’s Day and God bless all you are doing.

  2. clarenolan says:

    Wow, Yolanda – Way to go!
    Thank you for speaking for us.

  3. winifredd says:

    Yes Wow … indeed, a great moment of colaboration

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