Glimpses of NGO’s during the Commission for Social Development

Get a glimpse of NGO issues during the Commission on Social Development during the NGO Briefings.

NGO Briefing Wednesday February 3

NGO Briefing Thursday February 4 – Marker 14:50 and 25.28

NGO Briefing Friday February 5

NGO Briefings  Monday February 8  Marker 31.50

NGO Briefing Tuesday February 9  Marker 11.43

Do listen to the exhortation of  Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to the Commission on Social Development on Monday February 8th.  “Economy at the service of people”  secretary-general Feb 8 CSocD

Conference Room 4 during the Commission, GSIJPO Team, NGO CSocD Logo, and consultations

Access to the various session of the Commission can be accessed HERE  To date there have been 9 sessions.  The Commission started on Wednesday February 3, 2o16

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