Photos for today February 3, 2016

Photographs with NGO friends from Afria and Asia before the NGO morning briefing prior to the opening of the Commission for Social Development.  Read Good Shepherd Statement to the Commission published in the UN Journal today Statement No 58

See the video on Commission for Social Development   Good practice is evidence based and data driven!  People must remain the center of global, national and local efforts

#MaishaCSoCD  Maisha – a new life outside the mines is one such good practice.

Maisha – a new life outside the mines

Tomorrow Thursday, from  1.15 – 2.30 we will have our side-event during the Commission for Social Development entitled ‘Maisha – a new life outside the mines’ featuring the documentary and a panel discussion.  If you are in the UN we look forward to seeing you in conference Room 6.

Maisha Flier

Read the Maisha CSocD Side Event Press Release and Maisha CSocD Side Event Concept Note  and Maisha CSocD Side Event Bio Sheet for further information.  See the full documentary Maisha