Another Great Celebration for International Day of the Girl from Kenya


On 11th October, 2015, 300 beneficiaries of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd converged at Kanyueri High School in Embu County to celebrate the international day of the girl child. The event was marked by a procession from the school to the nearby shopping centre creating awareness on specific issues affecting the girl child in Embu (Kenya). During the procession there were ten stations each station was represented by a particular issues and participants posed for prayer and explanation on that particular issue. The issues were Female Genital Mutilation, Abortion, Poverty, Sexual Abuse of children, Gender Inequality, Drug and Substance Abuse, Child Labour, Early Marriages, Teenage Pregnancies and Alcohol among others. From the ten issues they voted for FGM, Abortion, Poverty, Sexual abuse of children and Drug abuse as the priority to be addressed.

After the procession there were speeches by different people including Srs.Jane and Flora the organisers of the day.  Speakers emphasised on issues identified as the main challenges facing the girl child in Kenya. This was further followed by presentations by the girls and the women which were in form of poems and songs.

One of the girls presented a very beautiful and touching poem on challenges facing the girl child. The day ended by the girls voting for the priority issues to be addressed; this are FGM, Sexual Abuse of Children, Poverty, Abortion and Drug Abuse.

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The girls voting on the various issues and asking community government and global leaders to take action.

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Celebration of the International Day of the Girl – Myanmar

Lucy, thank you for this account.  What more can we ask – discussing sustainable development goals and reading CEDAW as your charter!  Magnificent!  There are beautiful photographs.  See link at the end.

“We, Good Shepherd sisters in Myanmar celebrated “The international Day of the Girl” in Yangon. There are about 35 girls from RGS Leadership training program and Formation program. The program was started at 7:30 pm with opening prayer led by Sr.Martina. The theme and the background of this event day was introduced by Sr.Lucy. To symbolize the sense of internationality, the girls sang a song with different costume of different countries. Some sisters shared about lives as girls which were very inspiring for all of us. The girls were divided into six small groups to discuss about Six goals out of 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG); which are:

  • End Poverty
  • End Hunger, Good Health and Well Being, Quality Education, Gender Equality and Clean Water and Sanitation.

These two following questions were asked and presented.

1.How our Myanmar girls are facing challenges in this specific area ( based on the six goals) ?

2.How can we overcome this critical situation?

Surprisingly, they were well aware of the situation of the girls in these areas and they were able to present well the real situation which is happening around us.

After each group presentation, CEDAW was read by one novice.

Then a colorful paper with hat shape was given to all and written “ What kind of girls they want to be?” on it. Writing down on the paper confirm their conviction and make them happy of being a girl.

The program was ended with social games followed by refreshment.

Apart from Yangon, there are 3 more areas (Kachin State, Shan State and Bago Division ) celebrated “ International Day of the Girl” organized by Good Shepherd Sisters. There are more than 100 girls participated in these three areas. For them it was the first experience of participating in this celebration that makes them aware of the rights of the girls and dignity. They came to realize the value and beauty of their lives. And it is remarkable for them to carry in their lives.

The activities are like an eye-opener for the girls to see their realities that happening around in their daily lives and awaken their conscious to stand firmly on the girls’ rights. internationaldayofthegirlinmyanmar_

Yangon 1 Yangon 2 Yangon 3 Yangon 4 Yangon 5 Yangon 6 Yangon 9