Read Prepared Remarks by Naomi Klein at the Vatican

Naomi Klein was attending the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace at the Vatican.  Click here   “We can save ourselves, but only of we let go of the myth of dominance and mastery and learn to work with nature – respecting and harnessing its intrinsic capacity for renewal and regeneration.”

“The truth is that we have arrived at this dangerous place partly because many of those economic experts have failed us badly, wielding their powerful technocratic skills without wisdom.  They produced models that placed scandalously little value on human life, particularly on the lives of the poor, and placed outsized value on protecting corporate profits and economic growth.”   ….   “And because our current system is also fueling ever widening inequality, we have a chance, in rising to climate challenge, to solve multiple, overlapping crises at once.  In short, we can shift to a more stable climate and fairer economy at the same time.”  … “In our conviction that you cannot call yourself a democracy if you are beholden to multinational polluters.”


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