Appeal for Action to save the Rohingya boat refugees

To the Secretary-General of ASEAN, H.E.Le Luong Minh,          Chair of ASEAN Govt of Malaysia: 

Appeal for action to save boat refugees
We, Good Shepherd Sisters and mission partners of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand from the Asia Pacific Justice Peace Network, are deeply concerned over the plight of the thousands of Rohingyas trying to reach the shores of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

In Myanmar they face extreme oppression, discrimination and poverty. They have been deprived of citizenship and subjected to forced labour and forcible displacement in Myanmar and on the Bangladeshi border. Many including women and children have fallen prey to traffickers. Women have been reported raped on boats.
We urge the governments of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand:

  • To rescue the boat refugees on humanitarian grounds and provide them with shelter, medical care, food and water
  • To respect life, show compassion and offer protection for the vulnerable against human traffickers and smugglers
  • To collaborate with other ASEAN member countries to accord internally displaced persons, such as the Rohingyas, the right to life, dignity and livelihood

Do the right thing, save them now!       

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