Proud to be Irish!

The Column from today invites us to meet the Irish man managing global change on behalf of everyone on the planet.  Click here to read the column  I have come from a day long meeting at the United Nations – a Post 2015 Stakeholders Preparatory Forum.  This was a gathering of NGO’s sharing concerns and view points with regard to the next steps in the process.  Part one of the Webcast of the morning’s proceedings have been uploaded HERE

It was a good day with the various perspectives of member states and NGO’s ‘s being shared.  The programme for the day can be had at the webcast page.  Ambassador Donoghue was not present today but the Deputy Permanent Representative Tim Mawe was present for the cosing of the session.  Returning to the Column do read it “Their aim is to get UN agreement on a visionary set of goals to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, fight corruption, and transform the global economy towards a more sustainable growth path.”

See the website Action 2015 referred to in the column.



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  1. Sister Andrea MacEachen says:

    Dear Winifred – you are proud to be Irish and I am proud to be your sister – at last I have got myself on the Internet and have read avidly your contributions. Bless you for your courage, hope and downright hard work. With tons of love from your ICA friend Andrea xxx

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