The Barbershop Conference at the United Nations

The Barbershop Conference was held today at the United Nations.  It was lively, engaging and creative.  I was touched to hear Permanent Representatives from the following member states – Palestine, Indonesia, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Tunisia and Pakistan make commitments to gender equality.   Mr. Max Bryant, a youth advocate for girls education is 13 years of age from New Jersey and is a Model UN Student in his school.  He was excellent. You can hear him towards the end of the session.  “Unjustifiable that people can be denied eduction because of a single chromosome.”  Max Bryant.

Webcast recording is here

Among the presenters was  Magnus Scheving, from Iceland, a writer, actor, producer, entrepreneur and athlete. He demonstrated that the principles of ‘Lazy Town’ can be easily adapted to promote gender equality emphasizing the power of positive role models.  

lazy town

LazyTown is an educational musical children’s television program


Christopher Graves, Global Chairman of Ogilvy Public Relations had some interesting thoughts to share.

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