Snippets from Youth Symposium on Human Trafficking at the Vatican

As our Good Shepherd Youth delegates to the Symposium, Anne and Joseph make their way home to Malaysia and Taiwan I am gleaning impressions from their social media to share with you. A wonderful experience… humbling… commitment to ending human trafficking… excitement… privilege…

“What a long but fulfilling two days listening to stories of Human Trafficking from all parts of the Globe…some very sad, some hopeful but overall inspiring.  Such a wonderful way to share experiences, resources, and to encourage one another for the wonderful work everyone is doing.  Bravo to the organizers!

I am still very very excited to have met the Pope after reading so many news items of his efforts in many human rights issues and his love of all especially people living in poverty.  He is such an inspiration to me to continue what I have been doing! A wonderful picture of Christ in the world.  I feel so blessed!”  The pictures tell it all.

Anne Baltazar


10734247_10153431634443782_3502084861481826160_n   We are here!

“Absolutely inspired by the many young women and men working to end modern day slavery … some were survivors themselves, some work to lobby for better laws and legislation, some in prevention and awareness to youth and some in the caring and empowering of the survivors.

I am most in awe of those who are survivors themselves and are working to make sure it does not happen to others, and for the men who are showing their ‘maleness’ by rallying other men to respect women equally.

A group of very wonderful, inspiring and also fun loving people… and I am so humbled to be part of this.”  Quotes from Anne’s Facebook

As we think of the 16 days to end violence against women starting on November 25th  and going right through to December 10th we,  Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd Mission Partners around the world are working daily to ‘orange’ not just our neighborhoods but through our networks the whole word!


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  1. Barbara O'Carroll says:

    Rewards for good works are not always seen…look at those smiles!

  2. clarenolan says:

    Yipee! for GS Mission Partners –
    Good Shepherd is blessed by you.

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