Global Gender Gap Report 2014



There is a very short video with graphics that give an overview of the report.  Click her to read more and see the video   The focus is on four areas – economic; political; health and education – measuring the relative gaps between men and women.  Here are some ranking Top 10

Iceland (1)   Finland (2)  Norway (3)  Sweden (4) Denmark (5)  Nicaragua (6), Rwanda (7) Ireland (8) Philippines (9) Belgium (10)

If you go to page 10 of the report you can find how your country ranked in in each of the four aspect.  I was surprised to see that while Iceland was 1st yet ranking for health was 128!

World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014: Gender Equality and Sustainable Development

World Survey 2014


UN Women released on October 16th its new report, the World Survey on the Role of Women in Development 2014:  Gender Equality and Sustainable Development.  Read more

The event was also webcast.

There was another event which I attended.  The contributing authors of the report spoke –  Melissa Leach, Director of the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK, lead author; Isha Ray, Professor of Energy and Resources, University of California, Berkeley, contributing author; Hilal Elver, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food; and Zenebework Tadesse, independent researcher, Ethiopia.

The report is situated in the every day of reality of girls and women cooking and eating, breathing, urinating and defecating, studying and working in the night – these are all environmental acts.  Everyday activity affects the environment.  Care of the environment in the report is seen from the toilet not the stratosphere.