Today October 17 is the International for the Eradication of Povety

These are busy days at the United Nations.  So much is happening simultaneously.  Today is dedicated to the celebration of people living in poverty. The Secretary General Ban Ki Moon attended the celebration today at 1.15.  The link to the webcast is here Click here


A group photo following the commemoration in the space of the art exhibit at the United Nations.

Link to the Webcast of ‘The Girls Shout Out’ on International Day of the Girl

WGG Girl Advocates

Photo – The Working Group on Girls – Girl Advocates who presented the programme

The Girls Shout Out at the United Nations on October 10th was a great event celebrating the International Day of the Girl.  I hope that you will take time to look at it.  Click her for the webcast

Girls Speak Out 2014


Above girls who auditioned to be presenters of ‘The Girls Shout Out’ and were selected.