Review the great Girl events during CSW 58

The Working Group on Girls always have girls to the fore advocating on their own behalf for their own issues.  This is an exciting group to belong to.  Visit the website and see some of the girl advocates that will be advocating throughout CSW 58 Teen Delegate Orientation on Sunday and the list of other CSW 58 Girl-centered events.  Share these with the girls you work with.

Visit NGOCSW website and see the multiple flyers of events that will be taking place Click here and see our Good Shepherd Ad Here by scrolling down to Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd 

The Working Group on Girls has a position paper wanting a stand alone goal for girls in the new Post 2015 Development Agenda with specific targets on

  • Implementing the full spectrum of girls’ human rights.
  • Eradicating violence and the root causes of violence against girls
  • Providing quality education and lifelong learning
  • Ensuring health lives

Read the full document What Girls Want...

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