The inaugural issue of ‘The 2015 Post’

The United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) is pleased to share its new e-magazine, The 2015 Post. The aim of the e-magazine is to provide a range of different voices and views on key issues as momentum builds on the post-2015 and post-Rio+20 processes. It also offers a selection of opinion pieces, interviews and thought-provoking articles on some of the main issues at hand, as well as reports and resources from the UN system and civil society.

If you have been following my posts on this blog you will be familiar with some of the information – See April 22, April 10 and March 22. Read more bu  Accessing  the first edition here

See page 4 on where national consultations are being held?  Have you heard, read about or participated in these national consultations.  If so why not share your comments and reflections.  See page 28 and the case of El Salvador.

Do you live in one of the Least Developed Countries?  See the list below and page 39 of ‘The 2015′ Post’

List of Least Developed Countries

Definition of least developed countries.

The term “Least Developed Countries (LDCs)” describes the world’s poorest countries with following 3 criteria:

 Low-income criterion
based on a three-year average estimate of the gross national income (GNI) per capita (under $750 for inclusion, above $900 for graduation)
 Human resource weakness criterion
involving a composite Human Assets Index (HAI) based on indicators of:
(a) nutrition; (b) health; (c) education; and (d) adult literacy.
 Economic vulnerability criterion
based on indicators of the instability of agricultural production; the instability of exports of goods and services; the economic importance of non-traditional activities (share of manufacturing and modern services in GDP); merchandise export concentration; and the handicap of economic smallness.
List of Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
Angola Benin Burkina Faso Burundi
Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Comoros
Congo, Dem. Rep. of the Djibouti Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
Ethiopia Gambia Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Lesotho Liberia Madagascar Malawi
Mali Mauritania Mozambique Niger
Rwanda Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Sierra Leone
Somalia Sudan Tanzania Togo
Uganda Zambia    
Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan Cambodia
Lao PDR Maldives Myanmar Nepal
Timor-Leste Yemen    
Australia and the Pacific      
Kiribati Samoa Solomon Islands Tuvalu

Source: Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
see also:   Criteria for determining the LDCs

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