NGO CSW Newsletter

NGOCSW Newsletter February – April 2013 featuring many events from the 57th Commission on the Status of Women and the membership meeting of April reflecting on Gender Inequality and the Post-2015 Agenda.  I encourage you to look at this video.

Good Shepherd contributed to and participated in many of these events.  Ferew Lemma from Ethiopia, Wanching and Hung Hsin from Taiwan participated in the NGO CSW Forum ’57 Consultation Day.IMG_1238[1]

Handcrafting Justice (USA) was present at the Artisan’s Fair.

 We also participated in the 2nd annual celebration march to commemorate International Women’s Day.  Wanching




Wanching with the Chair of NGOCSW Soon-Young Yoon

Winifred was a co-facilitator for two of the conversation circles – the one on intergenerational dialogue and migration and Trafficking.  It is worth reading the notes from the  Migration and Trafficking Conversation Circle     

IMG_4654 Ferew followed and participated in the African Caucus, Wanching the Asia Pacific Caucus and Winifred the US/European Caucus. Unfortunately Yolanda was not in the US at the time so we were unable to cover the Latin American and Caribbean Caucus.

We had three advertisements in the NGO CSW Handbook.                             2013  Adv for side event as present by our Team from Taiwan

CSW 57 Adv  Promoting Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights and implementation of the Social Protection Floor

and  CATW Good Shepherd Side events  ‘Survivors Speak: Prostitution and Sex Trafficking.’