Discussion on a new global development agenda have begun at the UN

The Millennium Development Goals  MDG’s set the global development agenda from 2000 to 2015.  There is a push on for their completion by 2015.  At the same time the discussions for a new development agenda has begun around Sustainable Development Goals SDG’s.  The Rio+20 Conference held in Rio de Janeiro in June of 2012 pointed in  ‘‘The Future we want’ available in English Spanish and French.  In paragraph 248 (page 46) the resolve was to set up and open working group (OWG) comprising 30 representatives nominated by member states.  This group has been establish and had its second meeting from April 17th – 19th 2013.  I was privileged to deliver the statement on behalf the NGO Subcommittee for Poverty Eradication and the Mining Working Group on Friday morning – A copy of the text is here and the link to the UN WebCast is here (Move to the end of the video about 2.34.

The summary of the three days as presented by one of the Co-chairs is excellent.  Summary as presented by the Co-chair.  I will pick up some highlights to encourage you to read it.  Do these phrases echo with you?  ‘We are engaged in a project of joint innovation.  We need and want new thinking.  We all agree that our task is to gradually craft the backbone of the transformative agenda. … The MDG’s a point of departure … we are entering uncharted waters.  This makes our work both exciting and challenging.  … Anxiety giving way to growing intellectual curiosity. …

To achieve complete poverty eradication in a sustainable way we need to address the economic, social and environmental factors  … we need people centered development … calls for strong cooperative global action … we need a narrative of transformative change to realise our vision of sustainable poverty eradication and universal human development , respecting human dignity and protecting our planet  mother Earth, living in harmony with nature for the well-being and happiness of present and future generations.  … We need new thinking on international cooperation beyond the traditional donor-recipient relationship. …”  What I was hearing is the same call that we have set ourselves in our Chapter theme “Energized by the Spirit, we risk together for mission…”

There are times when I find links between the chapter logo and logos that are floating with regard to the new development agenda.  Chapter logo

Compare with the Logo Advancing the Post-2015 Sustainable Development  Agenda


Follow the interlinkages:  Poverty and Gender – See the following statement available in French, English and Spanish

Égalité entre les sexes pour mettre fin à la pauvreté                              Gender Equality to End Poverty – Bonn Conference Statement to HLP (2)                                               Igualdad de género para poner fin a la pobreza-Carta de Guadalajara al PAN Post 2015 (1)

I have endorsed this statement:  In our various ministries we are addressing  the increasing feminization of poverty, gender based violence, the structural drivers of girls and women’s poverty and inequality, the impact of climate change on girls and women, their families and communities and the devastating effect of land grabbing and the ‘extractive development model’  on perpetuating poverty for girls and women.   We promote  literacy and equality access of girls and women to quality education, implementation of the Social Protection Floor and urge for recognition of girls and women’s unremunerated work in the care economy.  We seek a new development paradigm that works for girls and women, includes girls and women, particularly the voices of socially-excluded, disenfranchised and marginalized girls and women, as part of the solutions and in the decision making.