Negotiations of CSW 57 outcome document are ongoing

According to the UN journal for today CSW 57 was scheduled to resume at 3.00 p.m. New York time to adopt the relevant resolutions and have the closing session.  But we NGO are outside on the corridor looking in.  We have just heard that the Commission will resume at 4.00p.m.   It is unbelievable that upholding women’s human rights is so difficult when it comes to agreement at the international level.  Why is it that if a woman is raped the perpetrator cannot be held to account?  Why is it that if this happens within the context of war that the perpetrator cannot be tried at the International Criminal Court.  Why is it that Women Human Rights Defenders cannot be recognized and protected?  Why would any form or child, early or forced marriage be contentious?   Why would a member state claim  sovereignty when it comes to the application of international laws upholding women’s human rights?

Awaiting the Outcome Document from CSW 57

Morning BriefingsIt is just after mid-day in New York on Friday afternoon – March 15th .  The NGO Community who are still here and following the negotiations hold various emotions and expectations ranging from optimism to frustration and dejection.  Each morning of the Commission NGOCSW hosted morning briefings to inform the NGO community of what was happening within the negotiating room.  Last night Member States continued to negotiate up to 2.00 a.m.  this morning.  They reassembled at 9.00 to continue.  Three revisions of the proposed document have been presented and discussed in the two weeks.  This morning the Chairs’ text was presented and my hope is that it will be accepted.  The Commission is scheduled to meet from 3.00 – 6.00 for the introduction of the draft document and closing of the 57th session.   Controversial issues pose problems for consensus.  A good review was presented in the New York Times of March 12th.    Read more…  In the photo are Wanching Ching (yellow top) from Taiwan and Ferew Lemma from Ethiopia who have been following the Commission for the past two week. 

girls’ tribunal on violence

Screen-Shot-2013-01-26-at-2.54.30-PMOn Tuesday March 5th during the 57th UN Commission on the Status of Women the Working Group on Girls sponsored a very special event – girls’ tribunal on violence –  ‘Bearing Witness to Girls’ Activism.  Girls from around the world testified to their personal experience of violence – media-based violence,  violence in schools and violence in communities.  Nine  girls testified to the impact that violence has had on their lives and the  creative means they have taken to stand against it. Four jurists responded to the testimonies and provided recommendations.  Read more    and see pictures of the many courageous girls who testified and selected moments throughout the tribunal.   Photographs from the girls’ tribunal on violence    A video recording is being prepared.