Celebration of International Women’s Day in Sri Lanka

The International Women’s Day  was an enriching experience for all of us the Temporary Professed sisters in Sri Lanka / Pakistan as we joined with our sisters to take part in a rally organized to commemorate this day. For some of us this was the first time to participate at a rally organized for the women on behalf of the women in our land and all over the world.

Read more and see the photographs      The slogans  “No to rape”, “Dharma stands for Justice”, Dharma stands for Life”.      “Religion cannot tolerate violence against women”     Time for Action”, “Wipe out rape from our Land”,    Uphold Women’s Rights” etc.  are the very same issues being negotiated by member states at Commission on the Status of Women 57th Session.  Attached is the text proposed  to member states.  After one week of negotiations there are many contentious issues to be resolved.


2 comments on “Celebration of International Women’s Day in Sri Lanka

  1. Rosalba Navarro says:

    Congratulations sister Winifred.
    With muy prayer and love
    Rosalba Colombia

  2. Rosalba Navarro says:

    Congratulations sister, for all you do for the rights
    God bless you.
    Rosalba / Colombia- Venezuela

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