The Center of Communication of the province Bolivia/Chile joins the campaign of October 11 the Day of the Girl

Day of the Girl (English translation Yolanda Sanchez)

The Center of Communication of the province Bolivia/Chile joins the campaign of October 11 the Day of the Girl through information and awareness campaigns about girls.

1. Dissemination of the article “Being a girl” elaborated by the Commission for Justice, Peace and Solidarity of the province on the web pages:      and

2. Campaign of awareness-raising and motivation through the publication of accurate and concrete information on the situation of disadvantaged, marginalized and discrimination against girls at the global level and specifically within Bolivia and Chile. This information will be disseminated daily on                                 Buen Pastor Bolivia/Chile and Congregacion del Buen Pastor and    @vocacionalbp

3. Publication in the electronic bulletin “Meeting” of an informative article about the day of the girl addressed to sisters, lay people and collaborators in the province, and readers of the bulletin worldwide.

4. Support the activities planned by the ministries – Foundation Mother Josefa, Chile, Women Stand up in Bolivia, María Reina School in Santiago, Ovalle School and the Catholic English School in La Paz, Bolivia – through dissemination within the social networks of the province

5 Preparation and distribution of a news flash on October 11 with information about girls’ interviews reflecting their views about the celebration of this day, sharing on what it means to be a girl and their opinion about the United Nations having established the International Day of the Girl?

Ayza Mendizabal

Communication Coordinator of the Center     Spanish text available here   Día de la Niña pdf-2

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