A Sustainable Development without Human Trafficking or Forced Labour

The Conference of Nations, gathering in Rio + 20  June 20 – 22, 2012, will call together most of the nations of the world that are looking for sustainable development, a green economy, and the reduction of poverty.  Negotiations on draft outcome document ‘The Future We Want’ are long and intense.  But a part of the future we want is A WORLD FREE OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND FORCED LABOUR.   Good Shepherd have been active in the campaign to eradicate poverty through implementation of the Social Protection Floor Initiative.  The International Labour Conference in Geneva in June 2012 will seek to have a Recommendation on Social Protection and the International Trade Union Confederation at the Rio Conference is calling for implementation of the Social Protection Floor nationally by 2020.  Ensuring a basic income and services to all people will be one step in addressing a reason for human trafficking. 

Visit this site ‘Committee Against Human Trafficking Internet and International’  in  French only and learn more http://www.cathii.org/socle-protection-sociale.html

You can find the statement referred to in English and Spanish at Statement submitted by Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd and UNANIMA International, a non-governmental organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, E/CN.5/2012/NGO/15: 
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For the Conference in Rio in June  see the following language sites:

English: http://campagnecathii2012.weebly.com/english.html 

French: http://campagnecathii2012.weebly.com/

Spanish: http://campagnecathii2012.weebly.com/espanol.html

Portuguese:  http://campagnecathii2012.weebly.com/portuguese.html

10 Suggested actions that you can do over the next 47 days in the run up to the Rio Conference:  

1.  Find out if your King, Queen, President or Prime Minister is attending and who else from your government is attending with him or her? 

2. What is your Governments position on Sustainable Development?

3. Are there NGO’s from your country attending the Conference in Rio?  Do you have contact with them?  

4.  What are the issues they are presenting on?   

5.  What are the concerns of Good Shepherd in your country around sustainable development?  Does your Government share your concerns?   

6.  Have you looked at the document ‘ The Future We Want’  http://www.uncsd2012.org/rio20/mgzerodraft.html  

7. Use the Internet to express your ideas and those of your community and ministry.   “What do you dream of for your community? What would life look like if you could design it? We all have dreams and ideas to make the world better. We believe there is enormous power in the sharing of those ideas. The Future We Want is a global conversation to build the future through a positive vision for tomorrow”    http://futurewewant.org/   

8.  Communicate with our Good Shepherd team who will be present in Rio on behalf of us all – see the next blog entry for information.  

9.  Use your Facebook to create awareness. Invite your friends to become interested in the World Conference on Sustainable Development.  If you have a Twitter account tweet it!   Click  ‘Like this’

10.  Write a comments below

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