Lent Program – 40 days with the least

Here is a very creative, well research and informative way of connecting our Lent prayer with global issues. It offers a way and a time of revivifying our sensitivity to the pain of human beings. English  http://www.40ultimos.org/intro.php?idioma=1    French   http://www.40ultimos.org/intro.php?idioma=2     Spanish http://www.40ultimos.org/intro.php?idioma=3  Portuguese     http://www.40ultimos.org/intro.php?idioma=4

One comment on “Lent Program – 40 days with the least

  1. marieheleneh says:

    Many French speaking people found it on my blog and use it. A beautiful way to live an open Lent with the 40 least…
    TY for sharing it with us.

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