UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women – New Call for Proposals Announced.

Visit the website:  All the relevant information is there.  It is in three languages.  This is the 15th year of the fund.  http://www.unwomen.org/2011/11/un-trust-fund-to-end-violence-against-women-marks-15th-anniversary-new-call-for-proposals-announced/

The fund will receive application until January 19th, 2012  Guidelines for application http://www.unwomen.org/how-we-work/un-trust-fund/application-guidelines/  Applications must be submitted on line …..

As of November 2011, the UN Trust Fund’s grant portfolio comprised 96 projects in 86 countries for a total value of more than USD 61 million. More than 77 percent of these grants, amounting to more than USD 44 million, support civil society organizations. Grants awarded to governments and UN county teams amount to USD 5.9 million and USD 10.8 million, respectively.

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