Sign the Social Protection Floor Initiative

Social_Protection_Floor_Initiative_Flyer Final

The most important purpose of the campaign is to convince national government that the Social Protection Floor is needed and wanted by its citizens and must be included in national development policies.

In summary, the SPF is:
• Universal- It includes everyone.
• Rights- based – (enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
• Nationally owned and designed.
• The first step in an ongoing process – not a ceiling of benefits.
• Affordable by all countries.

How can you be involved?
 By forming a network to get as many signatures as possible to promote the initiative with your own government. You can sign as an individual or as an organization.

This signature campaign can be used as a tool for lobbying at national and global levels.
We see this initiative as a wonderful opportunity to work together to roll back poverty, to put social protection at the heart of the international development agenda and to strengthen the chance for every person to live with dignity.

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