Collaboration to Combat Human Trafficking in the Asia Pacific Region

Clare Nolan facilitated a capacity building workshop in Kuala Lumpur from the 12 – 17 February 2011 for 50 participant from the Good Shepherd Asia Pacific Region.  The process of the workshop was based on dialogue, discussion, sharing of expert knowledge within the group, with some input on issues such as International  trends, human rights, and perspectives of  (input from) NGO partners (ICMC)  and US State Embassy in Malaysia. Two participants shared on experiences of international advocacy – one going to the margins with migrants in Mexico protesting a Un international body and calling for grassroots voices, the other in presentations to a group of international bishops in Rome – how different can you get! Good Shepherd Mission Development Office also presented their role in funding and responded to questions.  Read more

“Migration is not a static phenomenon, nor is it black and white”, noted ICMC U.S. Liaison Officer, Jane Bloom, in her presentation to the plenary. “The continuum from migration to trafficking is a ‘slippery slope’, which increases protection risks for migrants—especially women and children on the move—who can become easy prey for traffickers. What we are doing here this week is leveraging the strengths, the knowledge, the connections of each others’ work to better the lives of those who are most vulnerable.”  Read more

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  1. Clare O'Mahony says:

    A word of congratulation to Clare for her work in Kuala Lumpar!

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