Resource Tool – Good Shepherd Position Papers

The Good Shepherd Internation Justice Peace Team offers you a tool, developed with input from Good Shepherd people across the world and affirmed by the congregational leadership team.  We hope that these papers will be helpful to you in living our directions for mission and ministry.   Any one of the 6 position papers – Human Trafficking, Migration, Economic Justice, Prostitution, Girl-child and Ecology –  can be used as a reference or resource according to your Unit and regional realities and priorities:  Chapter Implementation:  Setting Unit Priorities: Formation Resource Material: Direction for Good Shepherd mission and ministry development and evaluation: Orientation for co-workers and partners in ministry: Development of local mission and ministry statements, polocies and practices: Advocacy Direction and Social Analysis.  The Resource Tools are in three languages English, Spanish and French

Resource Tool Herramienta de Trabajo   Outil de Travail                      

Prepared by the GSIJPO January, 2011   New York & Geneva  Contact:  Phone 1 212 599 2711  Skype:  clarenolan62


One comment on “Resource Tool – Good Shepherd Position Papers

  1. Sister Mary Stella says:

    Dear Sr. Clare,
    Lent 2012 is very inspiring. we in Karachi planning to hold this Internation women’s day on some incidents happened close to our area.
    So our theme will be “Pakistan Female child victim of gender based violence..”

    Two weeks ago the garbage collectors found 5-9 monthes ,5 female foetuses.
    We are planing to show the film ” Silent Scream” & alady Doctor 9Catholic) will explain it to oue wommen and young girls.
    Please keep us in your prayers,
    Sr. Stella
    ( I hope that you remeber me and Novice Hina . We met in Srilanka)

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