Clean Cook Stoves – Gaia Association and Good Shepherd in Addis Ababa

See some pictures   Gaia Association Visit by USEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia February 23, 2011 Good Shepherd Sisters & Gaia Association.  Report by Wubshet of Gaia Association.  “We had an exciting morning at the Good Shepherd Sisters (GSS) compound.  USEPA Administrator Lisa Jackson had visited the GSS member houses first including houses with the CleanCook stoves. We had provided ethanol for those households which have CC-stove and she visited while they were cooking.  She saw households using firewood with lots of smoke and she was impressed when she saw how clean the ethanol stove is.  We explained our project during her visit at Gaia’s s table.   She also visited the other tables of GTZ, SNV, the Ethiopian Energy Center and the Peace Corps.  At the end of the program the US Ambassador in Ethiopia and the Administrator made speeches.  And here was the excitment.  The administrator talked for long about USEPA’s  partnership with project Gaia and their support for the project and she was so generous to appreciate our effort.  This was recorded by Ethiopian Television and it will be available to be seen.   Gaia also had media coverage from Voice of america in Amharic and English.  GSS has expressed their thanks for the exposure they experienced through Gaia”

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