Social Integration Survey – Extended to October 20, 2010

This survey is giving you an opportunity to express your opinions.  If you do not know of the Resolution promoting Social Integration well you may be sure that others don’t either.  So read the resolution and become aware of  the changes that the Member States (your country included) agreed to make for a better society in 2010 – poverty eradication, people participation, gender equality, the elimination of discrimination, abuse and violence.   Do you think it is worth working for these changes?  If you say yes,  what should we do?  You have an opportunity to bring your voice on behalf of persons living in poverty, persons who are excluded, women and children who are discriminated against, experience violence on a daily basis, are forced to migrate, are trafficked, are oppressed by abject poverty – you have the opportunity now to speak to the UN.  This is a moment in the process when you are taking action for structural and systemic change.  The United Nations has done its work saying we should have poverty eradication, effective participation, social protection, gender equality and the elimination of discrimination, abuse and violence.  So why is it not happening?  Why is it not being implemented?  What do you think should be done to bring about change?  You can complete the survey at   Your answer is limited to 1,000 words.