Declaration of the 63rd DPI NGO Conference in Australia.

Read the declaration approved by 1,600 participants representing over 350 Non-Governmental Organizations from more than 70 countries who met in Melbourne from 30 August to 1 September, 2010.  Included in the declarations is a call to ‘Ensure gender equality, empower women and expand programs to end violence against women’.

DPI-NGO Conference in Australia August 30 – September 1st 2010

The annual 63rd Department of Public Information – NGO conference following the theme of Advance Global Health – Achieve the MDG’s  has just ended in Australia.  You can follow the conference events on Webcast at    7 Good Shepherd participants from Australia have attended including 2 youth.   This team is headed up by Michaela Gutridge, Justice Development Manager, Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand and includes Jacinta Unger,  Lisa Gardner, Orlando Morales,  Roberto Morales, Rosemary Hoban and Amy McKeown.  We look forward to having a report of their experience of the conference.

General Assembly Launches a Global Plan to Combat Trafficking in Person

Yesterday, August 31 the General Assembly of the United Nations launched a new global plan to combat trafficking in persons.  This plan has been worked on for the past year.  Read about it at    Further links can be accessed from this page   Listen to UN Radio Story, GA launches Global Plan of Action, Secretary General’s remarks at the GA meeting, Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking  This latter is an interesting site, it is interactive and informative.  You can read the full text of the UN Resolution here   N0947941 UN Global Plan of Action to Combat TIP