Best Practice – HandCrafting Justice

HandCrafting Justice is a fair trade partnership working with women struggling for economic justice and independence in developing countries.  Why not take time to vist the site:  and shop HCJ!  October is Fair Trade Month and this year’s theme is 31 Days, 31 Ways. Every day this month, you can get new facts about fair trade and suggestions for how to get involved.  See the suggestion for today October 9th http:

New Website

The United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality have launched a new additon of their Woman Watch website.   It provides a wide range of information and resources on gender equality and empowerment of women.  It is quite comprehensive; they will be adding reference to the CEDAW statement soon.  If you want to prepare to follow the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagan why not try out this website and learn about Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change!      See: