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The Working Group on Girls is asking help in a project undertaken by the WGG CSW 51 Task Force. Last year some of our Good Shepherd programs in various countries contributed to this project.    This year between now and November 30th we are hoping to gather some new information on the situation of girls with regard to health and poverty issues.  To help you a set of indicator cards have been prepared with some questions to focus the discussion.  This is not a survey.  There are 8 questions that we require the answer to.  If you read them you will see that they are simple and easy to follow.  The first three questions cover the following: Name of your organization, members of the group who worked on the indicators, setting in which used and country.  Questions 4 and 5 ask about three areas of progress and three challenges  that exist with regard to health care and poverty in your country – girls access to quality health care and the effects of poverty on girls.  Questions 6 and 7 concern actions that you may have taken or propose to take and Question 8 asks about the main outcome of your experience using the indicator cards.

If you are working with girls why not have one or two discussion with them about girls health and poverty issues.  WGG CSW 51 Task Force would love to hear from you.  We will bring your voices and your experience to the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 54) in March 2010.

The indicator cards can be accessed at this website and are in English, Spanish Portuguese and French.   If you need any help please send me a note through using ‘leave a comment’ at the bottom of this post.  All you have to do is click on ‘Leave a comment’ enter your own name and e-mail address and write you question, comment etc and click send.  The responses to your work may be sent directly to    I would appreciate a copy too!

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