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2 articles on trafficking can be accessed on WUNRN.    Go to the site http://www.wunrn.com/   Click on WUNRN news on the right hand side and you will find the articles in the news of the weeks of 07 -06 -2007

Combating Sex Trafficking – A Perpetrator-Focused Approach by Donna M Hughes

Chapter 6  ‘Victim Identification’  an On Line Tool Kit to Combat Trafficking in person can be read here.  There is an option to down the load the full tool kit.

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  1. Maureen Catabian says:

    I also read in toto the article you sent written by Donna Hughes and I find the information very relevant so I have forwarded it to some of our Sisters working on Programs addressing Trafficking Vicitms. The Perpetrator -Focused approach completes the whole picture of a comprehensive response in providing intervention on concerns and issues related to Trafficking.

    On the First Quarter of 2009, Sr. Mary Celine Cajanding attended a workshop in Mumbai, India conducted by UNANIMA International on the Campaign of Stop the Demand. The Kit they provided is a very useful resource. I will integrate them in the Basic Orientation Module on Trafficking that we will be conducting.

  2. Olive Dundon says:

    Absolutely terrific work, Winnie!

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